We are insatiably curious. We know that curiosity is the only way to break new ground. It also makes our work fun. So we ask a lot of questions. We do a lot of listening. We get excited. We want to know everything: the good, the bad, the challenges, the successes, the customers, the revenue, the technology, the roadmap, the brand, the emotions, the competition, the goals… everything that makes your organization unique.

We use science in a way that many other firms don’t. For decades, scientists have been studying the way our brains interact with data. We know that our brains respond differently to certain colors; we know that how long it takes a page to load affects the user’s perception of credibility; we know that certain fonts convey trust and others don’t; and that it takes exactly the right photograph to convey the right emotional message. We know how to determine which photograph that is. Because we’re curious, we keep up with these discoveries. User testing lets us see how real people engage with what we create. We don’t have to guess. We prefer the measurable results that come from the creative application of science. So we use the science of psychology to craft high-value experiences that get the best possible results for our clients.

People often ask, “So how big is NAV?” It’s a common question, but not the right one to gauge quality. There’s a McDonald’s on every corner, but that doesn’t mean they make the best burger (hint: they don’t). The better measure of quality is our portfolio: the visible results we’ve worked with their clients to create, and how often our clients come back to work with us again.

We’ve trimmed the fat on the traditional agency model. No account directors, no sales team, no project managers. We’re a team of doers and makers. As our client, you know the people working on your project because you interact with us directly. We like communicating with you, so we keep it that way.


Web Design & Development

Your brand is only half of the equation. Through our time-tested project process, we expand upon your story. Through iterations of design and testing, we create an incredible experience that is sure to exceed expectations.



Your brand is much more than a logo. Communicate the story and personality that reflects your goals. Through an exhaustive research process, we carefully craft a brand around your values.


Mobile Design

Designing for mobile presents a myriad of different problems to solve, and usage patterns to follow when compared to a web project. We research and test all of our apps to ensure they are not only usable, but delightful.


Content Creation

Marketing Managers, Chief Technology Officer, Director of PR—not a professional web content writer. Guess what? It’s okay not to know how many words per line encourages optimal reading and comprehension on a screen. We can take rough copy and turn it into a diamond. Our writers can take a phone call with your leadership and turn ideas into brilliant content.



Telling your story through a visual medium in a way that provokes an emotional response from your users is what our award-winning photographer lives for. No more stock photos. Working with the design team to capture your brand feel and ideas, recruiting models, scouting and securing elusive locations—we’ll take care of it all.



Creating strong storytelling video elements that transform digital experiences is one of our passions. A thirty second video can replace up to ten paragraphs of copy. Our team will expertly plan, shoot, and edit your story to capture the same emotional feeling that photography can convey, but as a complete storytelling solution.

A Little History

profile-2013We push the limits of design to craft powerful experiences for your most valuable audiences. Our collective of digital design and strategy experts bring a wealth of talent, experience and infectious energy to the table.

NAV was founded in 2013 by Michael Aleo. His years of experience at some of Washington’s top design agencies have made him an invaluable partner to his clients as well as the White House, where he served as Art Director for the President of the United States, Barack Obama. He started NAV to apply his expertise and energy to projects that people are passionate about – creating exciting and groundbreaking design across all forms of digital media.

Our Process

Excellent design is built upon a foundation of questioning, analysis and research. Our comprehensive discovery process enables us to leverage your subject matter expertise to create strong, user-focused experiences that will engage and motivate. We traveled to a mountaintop temple high above Tibet, where we discovered a highly agile five-step process which we now use to ensure project success. Our clients are sworn to secrecy to protect this coveted technique.

For us, design is the ongoing pursuit of the perfect balance between simplicity and complexity. Each project is an adventure.

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